Ken Woodruff - Founder and CTO

Senior Software Engineer, Crypto Enthusiast, and Dedicated Cyclist with a background in Cloud Computing and Big Data. Coming from Adobe Systems.

John Ho - CFO

Ledger Technology Expert with experience in Web Development and Business Technologies. Leader in Business Development and Finance serving as the CFO/Controller for industries in Insurance, Construction, and Manufacturing.

Neil Flock - Bicycle Industry Insider

Bicycle Industry Leader and Former CAT-2 Racer with a background in Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, and Sales. Founder of Cycle Monkey.

Jorge Spiropulo - Senior Software Architect

E-commerce guru and scalability expert. Jorge has 20+ years of experience building and running massive scale web sites. Coming from The Gap.

Product Features

Technical Overview

At its core, BikeDeed uses Ethereum smart contracts based around the ERC721 standard for non-fungible tokens. File handling and hashing uses the IPFS (Interplanetary File System). Dynamic server functionality is handled by nginx and node.js. The frontend uses Javascript, HTML and Web3.

dApp Prerequisites

To use fully utilize ALL features of BikeDeed, you will need a Web3 enabled browser such as Chrome with the Metamask plugin. For the iPhone or Android you should use the Trust or Cipher mobile wallets.

Contact Us

Are you a manufacturer, a wholesaler/retailer, an investor, a developer or a bicycle organization? Please email us at or message us on our Telegram channel.

+01 510 932 4911